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Compost service by bicycle: 8-yr old brings it full circle

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Last week we highlighted coffee bean delivery by bike, this week let’s highlight Traverse City’s newest service delivered by bicycle–Carter’s Compost.

8-year old Carter heading out for the weekly compost pick-up

With a little help from his father, Ty Schmidt, Carter started a weekly neighborhood compost pick-up this spring. He quickly had around a dozen clients sign-on and every Sunday they set their week’s kitchen scraps out on their porches for exchange with empty 5-gallon buckets. The service costs $5 a month and is guaranteed to make Carter’s backyard chickens happy–they get to eat the corn-cobs and watermelon rinds. What the chickens don’t eat, Carter feeds to his system of backyard compost piles. After the piles have been turned a few times (dad helps), customers also receive a bit of the finished product to use in their own gardens–full circle!

Carter says he has room for about 7 more clients. The compost service is mainly focused in TC’s Boardman Neighborhood, but other neighborhoods will be considered on a case to case basis. Currently, he does pick-up near Oryana in Old Town, but only with adult supervision.

Carter wasn’t too concerned that he didn’t have immediate plans for the money. His main ambition is riding his bike, collecting compost, and helping his neighbors. As he states on his website:

“I think composting is a great thing to do to help the Earth and I hope to make it super easy for my neighbors to do.

Visit his website at Carter’s Compost and follow the soil creation at his Facebook Page

Click to view one cute & industrious kid in action



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