Hey transit fans!

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Below is an example of the Michigan Land Use Institute’s Jim Bruckbauer’s transit e-letter from last week. The email goes out sporadically to an ever-growing readership. James is huge transit fan and works tirelessly connecting the different transit authorities, and their riders, together. Not just regionally, but statewide working closely with groups like Trans4M (Transportation for Michigan).

If you’d like to sign-up to receive email updates on all things transit in northwest lower Michigan, send a request to james@mlui.org

Hey transit fans!

Summer has arrived in northwest lower Michigan!

That means, of course, that there are a few extra cars on the streets of our towns. Our streets have two seasons: they’re either filled with snow and ice, or they’re filled with festival tents and motoring tourists. Well, I guess that’s what happens when you live in the one of the coolest places in the country–we’ll take it!

My goal over the next few years, however, is to get a few us “regulars” off the roads so that those visitors arriving by car can get around a little easier, or more importantly, so that those folks will see us using our great bus systems and jump on themselves.

BATA, too, is doing what it can now to keep people free from downtown congestion and parking. They’re offering free rides to folks into downtown during Cherry Fest (RE).

Hmm… Is this our first park-n-ride for downtown employees?

When Ann Arbor set up their “temporary” park-n-ride system a while back, people loved it so much that they kept the system going. Now, it’s a popular way to get into downtown.

If you know someone who works downtown Traverse City and usually drives in from the east, make sure you tell them about the free rides. Two buses will travel every hour during the festival between Northwestern Michigan College and Thirlby Field, with stops along Front and State streets.

Northwest Michigan In Action

The Bus Stop Inventory Crew, that’s right BUSTIC, has as been out enjoying the sun while collecting information about BATA’s bus stops. The information will be used for BATA’s internal purposes, but also for uploading information to Google Maps. Soon, you’ll be able to enter two locations on Google Maps and you’ll be able to figure how to get to your destination using the bus.

Thanks for everyone who attended the training and has volunteered. This will be a big step for our region. We’re moving forward, folks!

State Transportation Policy Corner

Unfortunately, legislators left Lansing for the summer recess without moving forward on creating a regional transit authority (Crains Detroit) for southeast Michigan. And, Metro Detroit is paying the price. As I’ve mentioned before, a regional transit authority would help the region’s transit agencies become more coordinated and more efficient while still providing a better service without costing Michigan a dime. If the region wants to receive federal money, they must first have a well-coordinated transit system. It’s very likely to come up again before the end of the year, so if you want to learn more about the legislation, how it would impact our region, or how to get involved, drop me a note. (james@mlui.org)

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See you on the bus!


Might you take the bus next week?

It beats bitching about traffic on Grandview.

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