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Walk through the Oakwood Cemetery with the parks commission



Walking tour of Oakwood Cemetery • Thursday @ 6:30pm • Meet at the cemetery

The Traverse City Parks and Recreation Commission, which yours truly chairs, invites everyone to Oakwood Cemetery for a twist to their monthly meeting. The meeting is this Thursday and starts at 6:30 with official business (it’ll be short) and opportunity for public comment, followed by a walking tour of the cemetery grounds. The City’s brochure covering 33 points of interest will be available–this mainly covers historically significant citizens buried in the park.

Oakwood Cemetery consists of about 65 acres with 54 acres developed and might be one of the most under-appreciated places for an evening stroll. It celebrated its 150th year in 2011, having been established back in 1861.  It is at 1325 E. Eighth St.

Earlier this week I visited the park. I was really drawn to Buck’s gravestone, which I had over-looked on previous visits–I’m looking forward to asking about it. I like the idea of a giant rock for a headstone.

This article by Vanessa McCray, “Gravestones mark loved ones, personalities” (RE) might be a good primer for the walk on Thursday evening.

Thank you

  1. July 4, 2012 at 8:27 am

    I love this cemetery … one of the best places to walk and think. I love the idea of a parks & rec meeting in a park too!

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