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Complete Streets: engage your statewide transportation commission

Thank you


Engage & Represent

Please send comments by this Friday to 


You have between now and this Friday to encourage the State of Michigan’s State Transportation Commission, which is the board of directors for MDOT (MI-Transportation Department–they build and fund the States main streets, roads, and expressways) to strengthen their Complete Streets policy due for a vote late August or September. This is a critical piece to very local issues.

Traverse City will have a more arduous time ameliorating Division St. without a strong statewide Complete Streets policy in place.

As a reminder, Complete Streets is an approach to planning and constructing streets to provide access for all legal users. Over 60 communities statewide have passed policies that give preference to the more inclusive design of the streets.

Organizations like Michigan Complete Streets Coalition and Transportation for Michigan, and members of the local Complete Streets Coalition, are asking citizens to contact the commission to first let them know that people are paying attention to their work and that we’d like to see neighborhood values represented in state policy.

People want the freedom associated with safe and convenient transportation choices. A strong Complete Streets policy will help.

Secondly, specific issues  in the current draft recognized by the above groups include:

  1. Strengthen language: timelines need to be included and exception language needs to be stronger.
  2. Add Performance Measures: The policy needs to include performance measures so we know if we are succeeding.
  3. Communication and Education: Details are needed about how state and local entities will communicate. Training and education processes need to be addressed in the policy.


Please send comments by this Friday to:


ATTN Michelle Myers, Intermodal Policy Division.


Also, after you send a quick email, consider signing on to this statewide petition created by the League of Michigan Bicyclists. This petition will be sent to Michigan State Transportation Commission.  The commission is watching this petition and has already altered some wording in response to the 500+/- signatures and other feedback they’ve received.

You do not need to be a policy expert to engage in this process.

The commission and MDOT need to hear from everyday people who simply want better communities with more choices and an improved quality of life.

My email to the commission

Further Information:

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