How many traffic deaths are acceptable…in your family?

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Zero fatalities


Commendable and obvious goal, when put in the right perspective. Good work MDOT.

How does it happen? Education, enforcement, and good design are critical. Not just on highways, but on all of our streets. Focusing on safety for all modes. The goal everywhere should mimic the City of Chicago, which has embraced the zero deaths objective (Atlantic Cities) as well, clearly stating:

Eliminate all pedestrian, bicycle, and overall traffic crash fatalities within 10 years.

Unfortunately, locally our enforcement is all too forgiving. It is widely known that in the City 10-15-mph over the speed limit is not likely to be ticketed. Speed, put bluntly, kills and keeps people from expressing their right to public rights of way.

In today’s Record Eagle the area’s first speed camera is introduced. It is a feedback radar sign that displays the driver’s speed as they pass, but if they are over 15-mph over the speed limit it will snap a photo of the driver. Only over 15-mph–thank god safety comes first! (Note: the photos will not be used for anything anyway).

The leader in zero death policy is Sweden’s Vision Zero Initiative.

Go zero! 


Have a weekend–stay alive

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