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Lil’ Lincoln Library now in service

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Lil’ Lincoln Library

The Lil’ Lincoln Library

A couple of weeks ago Traverse City’s second Lil’ Library went into commission, this one on Lincoln Street, but before it was even announced neighbors had placed books in it and started sharing.

Each day since there has been obvious exchange taken place. As my friend visiting from Lansing noticed when visiting, “it’s like an instant hub to the neighborhood.”

The project is modeled after the Traverse City Area District Library sponsored Free Little Library  across town in Kids Creek (RE) as well as the growing number of them around the world. Ours was built by the father of the girls from the Books for Walls Project, David Moehle, an electrician and woodworker based out of Benzie County. He used reclaimed material from 5 different home construction sites. The thing is water tight and built to last.

My favorite observation so far was when a pack of kids eager with curiosity were playing up and down the sidewalk and then came to a stop in front of the library. They peeked in, some on their tip-toes, and then noticed me on the front porch. With out hesitation or introduction, the smallest asks, “which ones are the kids books?”  It had been only up a week so there actually weren’t any “kids” books. I promised there would be soon and put a call out to some parents. Since then, it has been difficult for parents to keep their kids away from the library. 

There aren’t any set rules and certainly no neighborhood restrictions, so stop by for a visit. Take a book or leave a book. Or, both. Other media are also encouraged; we’ve seen a few CDs shared, some dog biscuits, and a free bag of compost.

Curious of other designs? There is a plethora on Google Images…a snap shot of the first page:


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* photo of Lil’ Lincoln Library by @martinamyd

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