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TC City Commission moves forward with Division St. ballot question

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Yes. Or, no?

On election day this November, Traverse City residents will be asked the following ballot question regarding parkland along Division St.:

Should the City Commission of the City of Traverse City be authorized to dispose of City parkland for the purpose of right of way and intersection improvements, but not to be used to construct additional thru traffic lanes, provided that such authorization shall expire on November 6, 2022 if no plan for such improvements is in place on that date?

The proposed City parkland includes an up to 30 foot wide strip along and adjacent to the west of Division Street between fourteenth Street and Eighth Street and two approximately 0.25 acre triangle parcels located west of and adjacent to Division Street, one parcel located north of and adjacent to Eleventh Street and one parcel located south of and adjacent to Eleventh Street.

Yes: _______          No: _______

We obviously have a long-way until November 6 (82 days, actually), but I’m interested in a straw-poll of MyWHaT readers–I suspect, an above average informed and engaged group who isn’t starting from scratch on the issue.


* Results will be hidden until a reasonable number of people have voted and voting will be closed on Sunday. Obviously, not all MyWHaT readers are Traverse City residents, but even if you don’t live in the City, how would you vote based off of the ballot question? 


Full resolution accompanying the approved ballot question from the August 6th City Commission meeting, scroll to page 3:

Reminder: Please read the comments policy if you haven’t done so already. If you feel you need to rant against the world and raise numerous tangential issues while personally attacking individuals or organizations, consider creating your own blog and tracking back to MyWHaT. If it is of value, you will attract readers. Or, send me a message with all the rants you wish. Otherwise, healthy, friendly debate is fully encouraged. 

  1. August 16, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    I know of a deer family who spend their evenings close to this block of land. I would possibly endorse the plan if I knew it included a reduction in the speed limit through this area.

  2. Mary Ann Moore
    August 17, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    Yes, the citizens of T.C. have the option of denying a finished plan by the DNR. The fact that no extra traffic lane can be considered is a big plus. I’m thinking a boulevard with a substantial island would be a pleasant (and slower) way to approach T.C. from the South.


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