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Be safe, be aware. Enjoy labor day weekend.

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AAA reports that “More than 1.2 million Michigan residents will travel 50 miles or more from home during the Labor Day holiday weekend.” Most will do so by car, many by transit or air, large groups will go by bike, and some will make a walk the main trip. There will be a lot of us out and about…be safe, be aware, share.

As the following PSA from the Canadian Automobile Association says, “Some of us are drivers, others cyclists, many both. We all share the road, so take care and look out for one another.”

It moves us all


It’s not too late to contact MDOT regarding their latest long-term plan. Email your comments to Bob Parsons, MDOT public involvement and hearings officer at parsonsb@michigan.gov or through the online form.

For another perspective on where the current plan fails, Tim Fischer of the Michigan Environmental Council breaks it down in “Focus on maintaining existing roads, improving public transportation, nonmotorized options!!

The current draft plan largely ignores the public’s demand for more transit and pedestrian options.  Instead, its heavy focus on roads ensures we’ll be driving even more in 2035 than we do now, in spite of increasingly volatile gas prices, our aging population, and a younger generation that’s seeking other ways to get around.

We urge you to put your name to this petition which urges MDOT to revise the plan to focus more on public transportation options and less on increasing motor vehicle travel and highway expansions.

My email to MDOT (also below)

Have a weekend. 

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