Bike safety throwback is always fun

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A bit of bike safety throw-back posted to the MyWHaT Facebook page is mostly right. I see at least one nuanced point that needs tweaking, you?

UPDATE: Last night the City Commission voted to reduce street vendor (a.k.a. transient merchants) fees outside of the DDA district back to the previous $50/day rate. An ad hoc committee was also formed to pursue a more detailed ordinance. That committee could use some non-business interests involved, if you are interested email Katelyn Stroven at the clerk’s office to be put on the ad hoc list…

ANNOUNCEMENT: The results of Acme’s community visioning sessions have been tallied and will be presented at an open house this evening in Acme. And, surprise! According to this morning’s Ticker, the public demand is for “slower traffic on U.S. 31, non-motorized pathways for recreation and commuting, unobstructed views of the water, and a community that looks and feels more like a town.” Seems to be a pattern here.

Dubbed Acme Shores, today the first concept out of the summer’s community input sessions will be unveiled. Stop by between 4-7 pm at the Williamsburg Dinner Theatre (map*) to give your reaction .

I may bike out around 4 if anyone wants to tag along–safety in numbers.

* Map updated from earlier route to theatre of same name in Virginia. Thanks for catching that RH!

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  1. June Thaden
    September 5, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Gary, if you decide to bike out there, consider using the TART as far as Bunker Hill, and US 31 the last bit. The make-over of US-31 from the TC north in the 80s was the reason for the beginning of TART. With the highway’s narrow right lane it is truly NOT safe for a bicyclist, or group of cyclists. The outside lane should be wide enough to allow a car to pass a bicycle if necessary — that one is not.

    This is not just the opinion of an “old lady”, but of many visiting skilled bicycle tourists I’ve talked with. Also, over the years I have bicycled in many cities & busy roads around the world.

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