Happy trails lead to happy village people

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Well said…

First, the Glen Arbor Sun’s exploration of the coming potential bike $$$$ boom in Glen Arbor, a reaction to the village’s slow acceptance:

Cannot imag[ine] why Glen Arbor would want to keep the bikers out. This just makes as much sense as putting up signs telling the tourists and campers to please go to Leland.”

Glen Arbor: People on bikes are coming.


Further into the story, a business owner shares the perspective:

Trails are connectors. People want to ride out to Glen Haven and the Dunes, but they also want to come into Glen Arbor for lunch. They don’t want to just ride on bikes, they want somewhere to go.”

In today’s Ticker, across the peninsula, Suttons Bay is already seeing the returns from people on bikes after the completion of the Leelanau Trail. As one village restaurateur puts it:

We’re up 20 percent with the bikers. We have a bike rack outside for them….Bikers need to eat quite a bit.”

Perhaps its time the NWMICOG, Visitors Bureau and the Chamber teamed up to conduct an economic impact study of our own.


Speaking of food…

Announcement: Street Vendor meeting at 10am, Wednesday Sept. 12 at Governmental Center. 

Poorly timed at 10am tomorrow is the first Transient Merchant Food Vendor ad hoc committee. It is the outcome of the last City Commission meeting where they agreed to revisit how they handle street vendors. The ad hoc consists of Commissioners Jim Carruthers, Mary Ann Moore, and Mike Gillman. If you’d like to be kept abreast of these meetings, send an email to the clerk’s office requesting agendas and minutes at Katelyn Stroven kstroven@traversecitymi.gov

Above mentioned ommissioners can be reached at: 

jccarruthers@gmail.com, maryannmoore@charter.net, mgillman@conklinbenham.com

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  1. September 11, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Here’s to Food Carts (as we call ’em in Portland, OR)….one of the best ways besides farmer’s markets to develop the food culture. Here you can find carts selling belgium waffles, chicken on a stick, creme brulee in multiple flavors….a great boon to entreneurs starting up too.

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