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Announcements: Two meetings and a forum

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Announcements: Engage and Represent

Where’s your hood?

Neighborhood Association Meetings tonight

Two neighborhoods are holding meetings tonight.

North Traverse Heights is holding a meeting at 6:30pm in the Traverse Heights Elementary School Library. Normal updates from the Assistant City Manager and fire and police. Updates will be followed by an exercise titled “Mapping our Neighborhood” to look at where future opportunities for improvements exist.

Old Towne is holding a meeting as well at 7pm in the St Francis church (not the school).  In addition to normal updates, they will have an update by City Planner Russ Soyring on recent planning commission considerations like auxiliary dwelling units (granny units)  and urban bee keeping (RE). Also likely to be discussed are traffic calming elements for the neighborhood and the status of the BLAh.

The League of Women Voters –Grand Traverse Area is holding the first of many forums pertaining to Nov. 6th election (Are you registered? Know your ballot?) Tonight’s meeting is a panel discussion regarding the Traverse City Division Street parkland ballot proposal. It will be held at 5:30 in the Traverse Area District Library Woodmere Branch. The press release at their website describes the event as:

This will facilitate MDOT’s future plans for expanding, and increasing the safety of the Division Street corridor. The forum will take place on Thursday, September 27th from 5:30 to 7:00 at the Traverse Area District Library, 610 Woodmere Street. The panel members will consist of Ray Minervini II from the Commons, and the west Division perspective, Harry Burkholder (LIAA) the west 11th street perspective and neighborhood, and Margaret Barondess , MDOT’s Environmental section manager.”

There you go, plenty of opportunity to engage and represent. Note, all meetings also followed by pub discussions-contact your local contacts.

Anything missing from tonight’s docket?

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