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What to buy with your crushed car?

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The verdict is in: the Honda Fit is totalled. Done in by a 140 year old Maple Tree.

It was bought to be one of my last cars and propel me through time and space for the next 20 years and 250,000 miles. Its molecules will now spend a few more years in the shape of a Fit parked in some scrap lot as it is picked apart by scavengers and rust. What is left after that time in the pasture will be smashed together in a little cube or metal pancake, like below. Kind of a sad moment; I admit it.

Now I’m faced with a decision. What to do with the cash out from the insurance company? Contrary to public perception, I like cars. I don’t idolize them or believe they are the crème of human innovation, but they are useful. But, do I need to own one? Not sure yet. There are some DIY car share opportunities out there and rental companies are everywhere. If it makes economic sense and the inconvenience isn’t too great, I may just try not owning for a while. It will undoubtedly save me some money. There are certain other things I can do with the cash out.

A short list of things I’ve considered besides buying a replacement transportation pod are: home energy efficiency improvements, finally finishing the upstairs, new clothes (I own nothing without a hole in it), adding a bit to investments, a cargo bike, buying Big Bird’s pink slip on eBay, or an around the world plane ticket without a return date….there are other ideas as well. What do you think?

Have any suggestions on how to spend $8 to $12 Gs?



Have a weekend (avoid trees).

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  1. June Thaden
    October 5, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Gary, what a shame. Both for your 140 year old tree, and for your little, sustainable Fit. My son has one, and is so pleased with the mpg on his mandatory 30 mile commute to work.

    Good luck solving the bigger question of its replacement! No doubt, cars drain lots of our available dollars!

  2. Max Wolf
    October 5, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Save the money. In a month or two you’ll probably be so sick of not having a vehicle to use that you’ll be searching for another one.

  3. Marya
    October 5, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    How about an around-the-world bike trip? My 52-year old friend, Astrid Domingo Moyneux, just returned from her SOLO bike tour of the world, Read more at cyclingfullcircle.com

  4. jayson
    October 9, 2012 at 12:31 am

    Buy the car back from the insurance company, lay on your back in the seat, and push the roof out with your feet. Get some silicone and plexiglas, and drive it for the next 20 years. You’ll probably still have a couple grand to play with when it is all said and done. Insurance companies rarely concern themselves with the actual functionality of the car, just the cosmetics. Or cut the roof out completely, have Ace Welding install a roll bar/ cage, and have GT Canvas fab up a soft top for your ride. Come on, Gary… travel the world, clothes without holes…? Get creative, friend!

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