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Your neighbors are voting, are you?


“If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”

~Mark Twain

16 days, or less, to go. Are you voting?

(survey will pop-up)

Need to know what and who you’re being asked to vote for? In Michigan, the voter information portal has your ballot.


UPDATE 10-29: Currently, 69% of MyWHaT respondents to the poll will be walking or riding a bike to their polling station. Nicely done! _



EDITOR’S NOTE: For the immediate future, MyWHaT the blog is on hiatus. We will continue to publish on social media accounts and may pin some posts from the archives to the front page. Reader comments will continue to be moderated and replied to when needed.

During the hiatus, I’d love to hear from new and old readers on issues related to public space, transportation, and community that have your attention.  If this is the case, send me a message; perhaps a meeting over coffee or a beer are in order. 


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