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Deadliest night is no trick or treat

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We interrupt this hiatus for a word of caution

One of the biggest killers and causes of injury in the United States is our system of roadways and streets (CDC). For people on foot, in particular children and teens, there is no more dangerous night than Halloween (USA Today). According to recent number crunching at bestplaces.net, over the last 21 years on any given day there is an average of 2.6 pedestrian deaths for people under 18 years old. On Halloween, that number more than doubles to an average of 5.5.

Please, put the context of stranger danger and concerns about the wind in context, a truer danger exists and for the most part, it is dangerous by design. Walk safely. Even more importantly, drive with extreme caution.

Drive understanding that it is your own child crossing the street. 

Safety tips from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Center


Breakdown of Halloween child pedestrian deaths by time of day. 


Ding! Ding! to @jimbruckb for the report. 


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