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Most hit MyWHaT posts of 2012

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Even though I’ve coasted into it, the third year of MyWHaT is an official wrap. No great announcements at this time other than to be careful out there ringing in the new year tonight. If you can, lose the car keys and power yourself to your celebration of choice.

For a quick year in review, here are the 10 most visited posts on MyWHaT in 2012.

#1 Complete Streets: Unfunded Mandate or Sound Economic Principle?

A response to the all too often empty response to complete street policies. Michigan’s state policy isn’t a mandate. The majority of local policies are not mandates. As well, if anything DOT’s and city’s that lead on complete street projects are setting themselves up for more funds, not less.

#2 Compost service by bicycle: 8-yr old brings it full circle

We were pleased to be the first publication to highlight the newest recycling powerhouse in Traverse City. Who knew the kid had such a network and never has MyWHaT had so many Canadian visitors.

#3 Are public toilets a walkability issue?

If you think public toilets aren’t a key element to a thriving city’s functions, I urge you to think again and to consider the politics washed up in them.

#4 Go Go Goodies: Traverse City’s newest and coolest bike business

Businesses on bikes continue to pop-up in the region. This one delivered sweetness in a non-polluting, both air and noise, way.

#5 What do we think about Division St.?

Unfortunately, we were asked to edit out the video from this post, but interesting nonetheless that a poll of MyWHaT readers came pretty close to predicting the outcome of the Division St. ballot initiative. For another Division St. post, I’d recommend this one.

#6 Pedestrian signals: Faster than never

We take a question from a reader and look for an answer…”Do those cross-walk buttons do anything?”

#7 Reducing speeds & reaching your destination without fear of death

#8 A reminder: the modern roundabout will be coming to your town

Modern roundabouts may not be the preference for everyone, but either are inefficient and dangerous signalized, and non-signalized, intersections that promote the most deathly maneuver out-there–the left turn across oncoming traffic.

#9 Traffic calming penguins dispatched over weekend

A neighborhood falls in love with a new, inflatable traffic calming deputy only to see it stolen from its roost. Word is more birds are reconsidering being dispatched until civility reaches a level that they feel comfortable with.

#10 People present are an environmental condition: Slow down!

It won’t end anytime soon, but the passivity by law enforcement to pedestrian and bicycle deaths and injury due to car crashes is worthy of rant or two….”When pedestrians are present, and you don’t see them, you’re going too fast for conditions.

Am I Missing any posts you specifically remember?


Happy New Year!

Thank you again for checking in.


Reminder: Before commenting, please read the comments policy. If you feel you need to rant against the world while raising enumerable tangential issues to personally attack individuals or organizations, consider creating your own blog and tracking back to MyWHaT. If it is of value, you will attract readers. Or, send me a message with all the rants you wish; I’m a connoisseur of ranting. Otherwise, please contribute to a healthy, friendly discussion in the comments section below.

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  1. January 1, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    Never under estimate the power of compost loving Canadians. Or a proud grandma with a Smartboard in her classroom.

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