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Happy first Monday of 2013!

Thank you,

support for all things MyWHaT is appreciated.

Happy first Monday of 2013! Yea, I know, very exciting. My suggestion? Turn on some Wu-Tang Clan and go take over a crosswalk…

Construction-Worker-Stop-Sign copy

Proceeding with Caution

After a bit of a hiatus to ring-in December and the New Year, MyWHaT is back. There was originally high hopes to pull the MyWHaT Council of Ultimate Power together and plot a new path forward, and that may still occur, but the holidays, the dark days, and general life had different plans for how to spend the past month. For now, it plods forward as before; making do with what’s been created so far.

It might just be enough.

I do need to thank the readers and supporters of MyWHaT:

Thank you for continuing to spend your time, energy, and brain power contributing to the project.

This past month I’ve heard encouragement from several readers and from many asking when MyWHaT would be back up and running as normal. Not sure what normal is, but it will continue to be part of the grand and hyper-local discussion about public spaces, transportation, and, perhaps, expand into a few more topics of public concern.

I trust that because the number of visitors has continued to climb (Between 1,200-1,700 unique visitors per week) that MyWHaT is more inspiration than irritation. I also trust that I’ve helped nudge readers into engaging with ideas and issues beyond merely visiting a blog once or twice a week.

The most measurable engagement is the few among you who leave comments (always very appreciated, as it helps move the discussion along) or send me private messages about something you’ve read, here or elsewhere. Please, continue to reach out and connect–fostering discussion and advancing leading edge thinking is a primary goal here. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment, send me a message.

I’m also encouraged that MyWHaT is on the right track by the number of people who have said how a post on MyWHaT motivated them to, among other things, send a message to their elected and appointed public officials, start walking to work, take public transit to the mall, start a discussion with stranger, drive less aggressively, sit down on a park bench, have more empathy for fellow citizens, or volunteer for a local board or a committee. *

I’m interested, what has MyWHaT nudged you to do? Directly or indirectly? 

I must also say thank you for the dozens of people who have donated monetarily, both as individuals and underwriting organizations, to help the blog stay afloat. There is no get rich business plan (yet), so every bit helps the cause. I must admit, donations always make the next push easier–thank you.

With those donations often come encouraging words like the following from a recent donor:

Your ideas being implemented can cause greater improvements in community health than me speaking to patients individually everyday.  Sadly, my time is devoted to work and the kids… and your blog brings me great joy by believing that there is someone else with both bigger and better researched ideas than my own out there actually causing change in the right direction.

Thank you!

Here’s to 2013.

Donate here!


* Traverse City is looking for people to join the Board of Zoning Appeals, Historic District Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Grand Traverse County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors, and the Brown Bridge Advisory Committee.  If interested, fill out the application (PDF) and contact the City Clerk’s office at 231.922.4480 or at tcclerk@traversecitymi.gov




Reminder: Before commenting, please read the comments policy. If you feel you need to rant against the world while raising enumerable tangential issues to personally attack individuals or organizations, consider creating your own blog and tracking back to MyWHaT. If it is of value, you will attract readers. Or, send me a message with all the rants you wish; I’m a connoisseur of ranting. Otherwise, please contribute to a healthy, friendly discussion in the comments section below.

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