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Engage & Represent: A few meetings of interest for complete streets

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A few public meetings coming up this week and in the near future for those interested in complete streets and quality of life issues in Traverse City and the surrounding townships.

Complete Streets

The first opportunity is tonight at the Joint Board and Planning Commission of East Bay Township (6pm). They will be hearing a presentation encouraging adoption of a Complete Streets Resolution. You can read a draft of the resolution to be presented at the Grand Vision website (Connected).

The meeting begins at 6pm and messages of support are encouraged. A reminder, Complete Streets is a policy initiative to promote planning and implementation of street and network designs to serve all users. There are over 60 resolutions in Michigan with an additional 20 ordinances (MI-CompleteStreets).

There is a 2nd opportunity to provide your input on a similar resolution consideration at the Planning Commission for Long Lake Township meeting on January 22nd.

Traverse City’s Corridors Master Plan

cplanIn the city proper, this Wednesday night (7pm) is the final roll-out of the year-long planning process dubbed the Corridors Master Plan (City). The plan will be presented by the consultants from Houseal Lavigne Associates to the Traverse City Planning Commission, followed by discussion and public comment. Public understanding of, and feedback on, this plan is critical in determining how the city uses the plan moving forward.

What in this plan reflects your values? What doesn’t?

Are there clear goals in the plan? 

As a planning commissioner, I do have concerns about many of the recommendations. As I’ve written before, I don’t see much in the way of innovation in the plan. I don’t see how 14-foot travel lanes and 12-foot turning lanes that run along entire corridors increases the safety, comfort and appeal of any mode of transportation other than driving. That said, I’m withholding my full comments until the designers of the plan have an opportunity to present it and I have a better understanding of the intended use of the plan.

A little bit of history

This plan developed through a competitively awarded federal interagency Sustainable Communities Challenge Planning Grant Program (GTCounty).  The initiative focuses on 6 livability principles (SC): transportation choices; equitable, affordable housing; economic competitiveness; support of existing communities; coordinating and leveraging federal policies and investment; valuing communities and neighborhoods.

The City of Traverse City was given $100k of the $395,000 award to focus on revitalization of Garfield Ave., 8th St., 14th St., East Front, and West Front St. The rest of the grant went to the NWMCOG for a housing inventory study ($50k), the County Planning and Development Department for master plan work ($50k), and to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund in a matching grant ($195k)

After you have a chance to peruse the plan,  if you have any initial comments, I encourage you to share them here, in an email to the planning commission, or at the meeting Wednesday night at 7pm at the Governmental Center. 

Engage & Represent




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