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GT County Parks and Recreation Department wants your input

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Engage and Represent: County Parks

2013CountyMasterPlanParks-6The Grand Traverse County Parks & Recreation Department is seeking input and comment on the current draft of the 2013-2018 Grand Traverse County Community Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Greenways Plan. The plan is available to view online at www.grandtraverse.org/parks or viewable in the Scribd document below.

Although the budget and inventory sections are interesting, the sections of public interest really begin on page 48 where the planning effort and previous public comment are described. This is followed by the Goals and Objectives of the 2013-2018 GT County Recreational Plan on page 63 and then specific site plans for the Civic Center.

The overarching goals are (specific objectives listed in the document):

  1. Facilities: Improve Parks and Recreation opportunities within Grand Traverse County
  2. Programs: Develop more robust recreational programming
  3. Funding/Revenues: Strengthen financial sustainability of Parks and Recreation
  4. Partnerships: Increase coordination of programs and services
  5. Information distribution/Marketing: Increase community awareness of and appreciation for the recreational opportunities in Grand Traverse County

Public comment can be directed to Director Jason Jones at jjones@grandtraverse.org, or 231-922-4511, or Erith Welch at ewelch@grandtraverse.org, or 231-922-4816. The plan will be open for public comment until Noon on Thursday, February 21.

I haven’t had a chance to review it fully, but I’d really like to see a half-acre to an acre set aside for Traverse City’s second off-leash socializing dog park in the Civic Center…if anyone cares to mention it, the beagles would appreciate it. 🙂

What do you see that you like in the plan? 

Hard copies of the above plan are available to view at the Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Office, at 1213 W. Civic Center Dr., Traverse City, MI 49686, and at the Grand Traverse County Clerk’s Office, on the first floor of the Government Center at 400 Boardman Ave., Traverse City, MI 49684.

The plan will be open for public comment until Noon on Thursday, February 21.  A public hearing will be held on the same day, at 6:00 p.m. at the regularly scheduled Parks and Recreation Commission meeting in the Commission Chambers (2nd floor) of the Government Center at 400 Boardman Ave., Traverse City, MI 49684._


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  1. Greg
    January 23, 2013 at 11:34 am

    Is this the same Grand Traverse County Parks Department that removed the fences at the civic center? If so why would public input be requested, they tend to do as they please. The Master Plan for Civic Center states fencing will be lowered to 3 feet along Titus but it is now GONE. Double checked web site this morning and it still states a 3’ fence will remain. As the letters written to the Record Eagle have adequately mentioned an added layer of safety is now gone for many. I know my sister will no longer allow her kids to play there with the fence missing, I guess it’s just another way “to create community”.

  2. January 23, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    Thanks for the comment, Greg. In my opinion, and as a weekly user of the Civic Center and Titus, removing the fence along Titus has made the Civic Center more accessible and improved the quality of place along that entire stretch–it looks great. In the future, and in the name of safety and comfort, Titus needs to be narrowed (when reconstruction occurs), sidewalks added, and if the 50-100 feet of space between the Civic Center activity areas and the street don’t satisfy comfort levels, landscaping added to provide a natural buffer in place of a fence.

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