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Is Traverse City all that?

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Probably, however…it doesn’t exist in a vacuum

The February issue of the Traverse City Business News is out and in it my every-other-month guest commentary. This month I pull from a wide net of current events that occurred in December.


There’s a bit of a response to gun control (or lack thereof), a bigger response to Michigan’s lame duck GOP skullduggery, and an inquisitive eye to how this relates to the “boomerang” effect in the region. The latter optimistically highlighted in not one or two articles, but three articles in the past month–all three of which gloss over that the boomerang generation is so named because of the economic and opportunity advantages of simply moving back home.

Before submitting the piece, I asked a friend if the piece was too negative or, as I attempted to do, did I allow some optimism to shine in–not always my strong suit. She replied, “It’s not overly negative. I wouldn’t quite call it cautiously optimistic either, but maybe right on the other side, more cautiously pessimistic.”

Considering it begins with the line, “Why the hell do we live here?”…I can live with that.

If you don’t have a subscription, the TCBNews is available around town at coffee shops, grocery aisles, and barber shops.

I look forward your response.






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