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Kansas City, here I come

This blog runs on community generosity


Excited to say that, with some much appreciated assistance,  I’m headed to Kansas City for the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference later today. I suspect that a conference full of Smart Growth experts will ignite a bit more zealot-nuttery in me and if it doesn’t, well, there is always the barbecue.

Aside from the official conference, part of my assignment is connecting with other StreetsBLOG Network members to first informally connect and put faces to the online community that is a great resource to the work on and behind MyWHaT. Secondly, the StreetsBLOG Network is holding a training for those of us who can make it to come together and share successes, failures, lessons, and to put our brains together to see how a network of livable street advocates can work together. I trust my head won’t explode with the talent and wealth of information found in this group…and I hope they don’t realize I’m mostly faking it!

Anyway, that’s my story…and, I need your help with some homework that I’ve been given. I need to come prepared to discuss the following questions as they relate to a specific social media artifact of MyWHaT. That could be a blog post, a Tweet, or comment thread. Please, help me with my homework and send me a message  with answers to these questions:

• What have been MyWHaT’s biggest successes?
• Are there any frustrations and challenges that stand-out from your perspective as a MyWHaT reader?
• What is a specific issue you think of when you think of  MyWHaT?


Thank you…Time to pack…


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