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Wrapping up the Week: Traverse City’s DDA extends drama 2 months

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UPDATE from Friday morning’s DDA meeting concerning street food vendors:

This morning, the DDA board chose to punt forward 60 days on making an official recommendation to the ad hoc committee for Transient Merchant Food Vendor. The CC could simply move forward without their input, if they so desire. The board did, however, vote down recommendations proposed by the TC Street Food, which still has a petition up and running. So, we partly know where they stand.

Next week, I need a new subject, but allow me to draw your attention to one more perspective on the subject, La Vita Bella’s post titled, “What the Truck“….Pull quote:

When a business starts limiting a customer’s options to protect its own financial interests, rather than choosing to elevate its game or collaborate with other vendors or convince the customer it deserves their support, the customer’s desire to be a loyal patron understandably wanes. Suddenly, coming to that restaurant anymore no longer feels like the customer’s decision. It feels like the restaurant’s.

Weekly Chatter

Bits of news, perspective, and what-not from the urbanist world

  • We shall revisit this study soon: Yes, too much parking harms your city (Better Cities) A concept to pull from it, how much land is dedicated in your city to automobiles per person?

But something happened that day. All the runners and cyclists who had grown accustomed to a cleared pathway started complaining to City Hall. Why haven’t you cleared the pathway yet, they asked. Get out and do your jobs…

 A city is not for shutting yourself in your apartment, no matter the size. A city is where you retreat outside.

Can’t believe I missed this side of the Kansas City Library last week…more inspiring libraries (Good)

Tweet of the Week:

Short Doc: Going Car-free

Take a risk, it ain’t so bad

A Car-free Life from 


Have a weekend!







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