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Making winter biking normal in Traverse City

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Go Team!

winterbikeYesterday, the Record Eagle writer Loraine Anderson highlighted some of the many commuters in Traverse City choosing to power their own wheels on their way to work in Bikes transport commuters in cold weather, too (RE).

In the piece, Amy Martin, development director at SEEDS and an occasional guest writer on MyWHaT, captured the spirit of self-powered mobility, regardless of the weather, well:

“Almonds and dark chocolate are my fuel of choice these days.”

With gas set to go over $4.00 this spring (Time), getting a fuel that tastes good should start to look appealing for a lot more people.

Also highlighted are two attorneys who work at MyWHaT underwriter, Olson, Bzdok & Howard. Good to see them all walking and biking the talk-Go team!


Do you find yourselves walking and biking more this winter?

~ photo By DewCon 







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  1. Gabe Talaga
    February 18, 2013 at 11:15 am

    I’ve been riding all winter, my first year trying it. I try to ride at least 3 times per week and walk or carpool with my wife the other days. A fender is a must if you don’t want mud all up your back. I also invested in a pair of rain pants that I slip on and off over my work pants that come in handy on wet days. The salt is taking it’s toll on my bike though. It is border line toasted, if I could start over I would purchase a cheap bike off craigslist and use only for winter commuting.

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