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Weekly chatter: Late Saturday edition

This blog runs on community generosity


Saturday afternoon addition of a quick and dirty assortment of links from the browser tabs. 

Weekly Chatter

Bits of news, perspective, and what-not from the urbanist world

• Build a better block project hits Grand Rapids (M-Live)

Yes, paint is cheap, but don’t stop there America (Copenhagenize)

• Transferring mileage benefits to the bike (Urban Country)

• Shoup is right: Cars typically parked 95% of the day (Reinventing Parking) Some cities are looking to tax the lot out of them (Governing)

A skeptic of the rush to fix infrastructure (Reuters)

Perhaps the infrastructure pie should be sliced a little thinner so we can ask more precise questions about it. Was some infrastructure overbuilt and not deserving of repair today just because it exists? Does every infrastructure “need” demand a flotilla of dollars from Washington? Must we rescue every aging bridge in rapidly depopulating states like Michigan?

• Related interest: Short History of the Gas tax (WaPO)

• Trees as infrastructure with real ROI (Next City) Looking to calculate your urban forest ROI? Use ITree (IT) …So, what U.S. cities have the best urban forest? (American Forests)

• Like trees, parks have a direct ROI…yet, no one wants to pay for them and cities keep cutting them (Next City) Perhaps a system metaphor will help (Planetizen)

A shout out for the small town movie theater (Infrastructurist) We know TC’s State Theatre, Suttons Bay’s Bay Theatre fit the bill and soon, Manistee’s Vogue Theatre will join the ranks (7&4)



Have a weekend! (What’s left)







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