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Engage & Represent: Sending a message

February 25, 2013

This blog runs on community generosity


A bit of housekeeping

It was always a goal that MyWHaT serve as a conversational piece, both in the community and online. From what I hear, the former happens more than I might believe. I’ve been told items on MyWHaT get raised in lunchrooms, at dinner tables, and during coffee chats. Back in the hey day of the 8th St. Kerfuffle, rumor has it the City Manager’s office held a meeting to figure out what to do about this blog that was posting public records and charging-up the activists–Oh, the audacity.

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Maintenance time

The latter, discussions online, hasn’t been as successful. There are posts that have garnered interest for multiple voices to chime in, even one reader who went through the trouble to create dozens of fake email identities to carrying on a conversation with himself, but the discussion has for the most part been limited to a few people.

To be clear, I’m thankful for the over 1,000 comments already received  these voices are appreciated and positively challenging and have changed my perspective on more than one issue. It is also a pleasure to get an alert that a comment has been posted. Regardless of the content, it is a kind of reward.

Public comments aren’t for everyone though, and I get an equal number, if not more, private emails about posts. This signals to me that more people want to weigh-in.

New form

Starting today, we’re trying something new in hopes that more insightful people be inclined to contribute comments. I’m fully aware that many insightful people are too busy to be bothered, however, I’m also aware that many insightful people are reluctant to leave themselves open to public exposure because of their jobs, relationships, or own vulnerabilities. As well, a few public officials worry about breaking the open meetings act by engaging online–overly cautious if you ask me, but it is what it is. 

Starting today, the comments section will no longer be available on MyWHaT posts. Instead, each post will have a message form at the bottom of the post. Comments submitted will be reviewed, considered, and when they raise points that are particularly poignant, unique, constructive, humorous, or otherwise useful, a follow-up post of collected comments will be published. I’ll keep those comments anonymous unless otherwise indicated.

So…if you have a beef with something written, have an idea you’re eager to put “out-there”, or otherwise need to vent, praise, or offer critique, please don’t hesitate to send a message. As before, you may also engage at the MyWHaT Facebook page or via Twitter. And, if you have your own blog, ping-backs are still enabled.

Housekeeping over for today. More changes will be coming in the near future.


What changes to this blog would you like to see or recommend? 


Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are that of the author and do not represent the opinions of writers previously published here or any of the organizations, committees, commissions or other affiliation the authors may belong to, unless so stated. 

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