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You are part of the network

March 4, 2013





By navigating to this site, dubbed MyWHaT, you have either randomly followed some links or you are actively looking for a perspective on how your community is developing–Or, could possibly develop with a little help. We focus on Traverse City, MI, but it reaches beyond that for comparison, knowledge, and to build interconnections.

imgresMyWHaT is part of a headless, shapeless, and ever-growing network of bloggers who see great opportunity in their communities and are willing to articulate and stand for something. The network tends to focus on transportation, but expands into other public issues as needed and desired. I met a few of these bloggers last month in Kansas City via a StreetsBLOG Network convergence. We gathered to share skills, insights and stories. The latter, having far more in common than I would have imagined.

The basic storyline of a StreetsBLOG Network blogger: Hero/heroine sees need for change and has idea; engages local government; local government is deaf, inattentive, or worse; person gets angry; hero/heroine gets informed and starts a blog; hero/heroine has some success, some failure; blog and related work take over life. ….did I miss a step? 

Curiosity engine

Apart from a reaction to a system seemingly bent on devaluing public space with each annual budget, MyWHaT began as a process to feed curiosity about issues of public space. Who and what is it being designed for? Why is it designed that way? Are their other options than what is commonly presented? How does the design of public space impact our choices? How does it impact the community? What can be done about it? With any subject, the more you learn, the more you need to learn, and the process eats itself in an Uroboros loop

You, as readers, are also part of the network–thank you!

mywhat_logo-shinyfAt the New Year, MyWHaT started its fourth year of blogging and without readers, honestly there wouldn’t be a reason to continue. It’d be a silly exercise. In fact, I was about to close the blog down when an email from a new reader reignited my energy. It’s not hyperbole to say that connections made through the writing of MyWHaT have sustained the work that goes into the blog. People care about these issues and they appreciate having someone able and willing to explore and articulate them. I’m grateful I’m able and I thank you for continuing to plug-in.

Of course, also gratefully appreciated are the MyWHaT underwriters and online donations.

I don’t make a living writing a blog, but the small stipend generated certainly contributes. I don’t work overtime generating donations and underwriters, but every spring I reach out for renewals and new opportunities. You’ve probably caught on, I’m starting to do so now. It is March after all and spring renewal is upon us!

The most common way to give is a one time donation or monthly subscription through PayPal...the latter is set up in monthly tiers:

If you, or someone you know, are a good match to becoming a MyWHaT underwriter, please send me a message. We can arrange a time to meet or otherwise discuss. The underwriter program has always been a work-in-process, so if you have ideas and want to help, please drop me a message.

In the meantime, stay upright out there; there is still plenty of ice. And again, thank you for helping to make the work behind MyWHaT feel appreciated. I have a reputation for being cranky (only partly deserved) and I think that is in part because I see so much potential for our communities and specifically, for Traverse City. It’s a region blessed with both natural and human resources and we’ve only begun to recognize our potential.

I’m reminded of a Noam Chomsky quote:

Whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic, you should be doing the same things.

Keep on keep’in on.

Thank you,

Gary Howe, Editor & Contributor to MyWHaT 

2012′s Underwriters of Awesomeness

KRIOS Leading Thinkers

Thank you!




Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are that of the author and do not represent the opinions of writers previously published here or any of the organizations, committees, commissions or other affiliation the authors may belong to, unless so stated. 

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