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Planning to avoid another 8th Street Kerfuffle

March 7, 2013





Draft Corridor Master Plan

Tonight the Planning Commission reviews and discusses the 8th St. section of the project dubbed the Corridor Master Plan. The meeting starts and 7pm on the second floor of the Governmental Center. The draft plan is available online under Corridor Improvement Plan with the latest draft marked 1/8/2013 (TC)The fun for 8th Street begins on page 42 (PDF).

The discussion will focus first on the recommended “Opportunity Development Sites”, then the “Urban Design Framework”, and followed by the “Transportation Framework.”

If you don’t have time to view it online, public input is still useful following the Planning Commission’s discussion.

Topics certainly to get attention are:

  • A possible road diet on the stroad section of 8th Street.
  • Lack of design for people who choose to bike.
  • Safety, safety, safety.
  • Key redevelopment opportunities and how the City can create incentives to speed up those redevelopments.

If you recall, there was wide support to see something different on 8th Street…Archive: I’m writing because… 


Something for 8th Street?


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