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Who has some love for TC’s Garfield Ave. and E. Front St?

March 19, 2013




Tomorrow night (Wednesday at 7pm) is the third study session of Traverse City’s Planning Commission to discuss sections of the Corridors Master Plan (City).

Up for discussion: East Front St. and Garfield Avenue. The first is an MDOT controlled highway with potential highly constrained and constricted by current auto-centric development, parkland, and high speeds. The latter is a street/avenue/stroad hodgepodge that has almost limitless potential due, in part, to the fact that is has been neglected for so long, but also because the current street is already wide at 46-ft. Almost anything the City does would improve Garfield Ave. immensely. To use a word I learned just yesterday, improvement along Garfield Avenue is quite propitious.


East Front begins on page 34 and Garfield Avenue begins on page 64 of the Corridor Master Plan document (PDF).

Previous discussion are available to view at UpNorthMedia, here (W. Front/14th St) and here (8th Street). If you can’t make the meeting, but would like to provide input to the Planning Commission, their emails are provided here.


Comments, concerns, or considerations? 


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