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Spring break chatter: Some reading for your travels

March 22, 2013



Next week is one, along with film festival week, of my favorite weeks to be in Traverse City. The two weeks couldn’t be more different. One, is a week of activity with large numbers of interesting people and serendipitous conversations. The other, next week, is like an alien ship flew over the bay and instantly beamed half of the population into space. The streets are empty and a quiet settles over the town. In honor of the week, as many people flee town for Spring Break, MyWHaT will be taking the week off. When we’re back, some items on the docket are the positives of ADUs, continued coverage of road diets, exploring ideas to fund city parks, and what ever else pops up. If you have any ideas brewing that need to be covered, let me know.

The Weekly Chatter

Bits of news, perspective, and what-not from the wider or the local world.

~ Don’t call it street food, DDA weigh’s in on TC’s mobile food vending(RE).

~ Kalkaska pulling it together for recreation and community(RE).

~ We highlighted America’s 600,000 megacommuters last week (MW) and now one megacommuter tells her story (NYTimes). In Seattle, a transit writer expresses a bit of sympathy for them(STransitBlog).

~ Haven’t examined the numbers, but MI-Gov reports people killed while walking or biking in the state is down for 2012 (MGov).

~ Always gets me thinking how children have been designed out of our public spaces/streets (WalesOnline ).

~ Updated grades for U.S. infrastructure are in…the grade improved to a D+ (A-Cities) and the industry created a smart phone app for the infrastructure geeks out there (iTunes).

~ Unfortunately, the call for more spending on highways continues and in some places, apparently high speed driving is more important than education (SBlog)

~ AAA: It’s dangerous to let people build as much parking as they want (Slate).

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