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Americans are driving fewer miles, are you?



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The latest in the StreetFILMS Street Facts Series, Americans are driving less…and less.

Why? The Short Answer(WaPo)

Costs, recession, transit, aging population, and young people valuing connections, not high-speed mobility…read, social media, urban living, networks, all have contributed to what some called peak driving (Economist), the point at which a society hits a peak, and begins descending the downward slope of the graph.


More Vehicle Miles Driven charts by Dough Short

This reality of a declining driving population, coupled with a fewer and fewer percentage of the under 30-year-old crowd even having a driver’s licence, even has car enthusiast sources like Motertrend running articles that question how we allocate transportation dollars. Quoting from an author of a report titled, Transportation and the New Generation (Frontier Group), Motortrend lays it all out:

Our lack of a coherent federal transportation policy and the notion of spending Federal Highway Trust Fund monies on mass transit rather than roads is an age-old political hot button. But the Trust Fund doesn’t cover 100 percent of new highway projects. New mass transit projects face strict approval processes, while new highways are easily approved.

In Northwest Lower Michigan, we’re still driving quite a bit. According to US-DOT numbers, many of us over 20,000 miles per year. Yet, we have our low-mile drivers as well and anyone who follows MyWHaT knows, we’re interested in reducing those miles more and more (if we could only get a sidewalk!).


Where are you? Are you driving less? Why? 



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