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Weekly comments, a bit of chatter, and who gives a Tweet




A few comments this week from Wednesday’s and Thursday’s posts detailing the costs of my transportation choices.

Up first, a note from the medical field pointing out a missing data point:

As a physician, I don’t see you calculating in the cost to society of your medical care avoided by an active lifestyle…

I’ll work on that; it must be worth something…although, how to figure in that quart of ice cream I ate at 11-pm last night.

JRW lends more support for appropriate transportation for appropriate tasks:

Interesting! If one is shopping for a used car, “highway miles” is deemed as a “plus”, as we all know “city driving” (start stop), short trips, barely gets the car warmed up. We use the brakes much more in town, the transmissions, clutches, steering gear, dodging other “drivers”, all these components get much more of a work out…then add the local pot holes versus generally much smoother highway surfaces and “city miles” really start to add up financially….if it’s commuting to work, shopping, errands, etc., a bike equipped with fenders, baskets and lights is my go-to transportation of CHOICE. And we all HAVE choices. Especially if you DRIVE to a health club.

And looking at my high carbon output, Bob sees the future:

The case for a carbon tax writes itself.

I support a carbon tax, if only there was agreement in how to roll it out (CarbonTax.org).

Earlier in the week, I rambled on about sidewalks, missing links, and transportation plans.

SprawlAgain, from Bob:

I completely agree that the best transportation plan is a land use plan but only if you are planning for new greenfield development. In a slow-growth area like ours, we no longer have the luxury of getting it right the first time. The city was laid out before cars were invented, and the burbs were developed during tha automobile era. Now we must retrofit, and that is an entirely different animal. I think it’s important to keep that perspective.

Of course, there’s a Ted-Talk about the big, market driven retrofit ahead of us, Planetizen has a page devoted to suburban Retrofit, a free download of the Sprawl Repair Manual is out there, and a book on the MyWHaT R&D list, Retrofitting Suburbia, all seem to be on point.

Weekly Chatter

Will keep it short and to the Tweets this week…

Have a weekend!

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