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As if the gate isn’t even there



Well said

Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns in, The gatekeepers:

A city is an organism, not a machine. While machines need mechanics to watch over and maintain all the systems in working order, organisms only need sustenance and they will grow, grow, grow. The gatekeepers in our cities — both formal and informal — should not fear what will happen if they give up power. In fact, if they want to make theirs a strong town, they should be doing everything possible to give power to the people living in the communities they serve.

Do you feel invited to fully participate in making your community better? Is there a corner of the city that you pass regularly, each time thinking, “this could be better?” Do you understand that if its public space, you have a right to make it better? Hell–why not call it a duty to make it better?

Don’t hold it in. Don’t accept foot dragging and toddling; those are simply tricks to get you to go away. Don’t let the self-proclaimed gatekeepers stifle you. It’s really not up to them.

More from Marohn:

What a different America it would be if the gatekeepers became obsessed with tearing down the gates instead of guarding them. How much could we accomplish together if everyone felt they had an ownership stake the city they live in and felt free to act on that?

Support the enthused and audacious and the zealous nuts.

And, elect those who will.



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