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A little paint provides a DIY connection



Proceed with caution

A MyWHaT reader sent this image of a DIY bike lane on Bunker Hill Rd. in Acme Township.


The corner (map) is a particularly unfriendly one with high speeds, no shoulders, and blind spots further down the hill. Yet, Bunker Hill Rd. is the only connection from the TART Trail at the bottom of Bunker Hill and the Vasa Trail off of Bartlett Rd.  In addition, the just over a half-mile  stretch connects nearly a hundred homes to several local businesses (i.e. a hardware store, convenience store, post office) at the bottom.

From this vantage point, it looks pretty good.

It’s my first day back from a two-week trip, so that’s about all the comment I can muster. I gave up riding to the Vasa Trail from here long ago because of this section of Bunker Hill. I might have to take a spin to check this out.

What say you? Look good? Needed? 



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  1. August 6, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    I like it as a political statement in that it calls attention to the need for Complete Streets and more cycling infrastructure, however I doubt that the spraypaint is making that section of road any safer for cyclists. An installed, physically separated, cycle track would accomplish that, however.

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