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It’s never too early to think about November

June 26, 2013



Engage & Represent


Michigan residents: Check your registration status


Yes, there is a local Traverse City election this fall.

The candidate slate for Traverse City is so far unclear, but last week 5 potential candidates (including a certain blogger, ahem) participated in what has to be the earliest candidate forum ever in the City. You can view the video here: ThinkTC Candidate Forum

The panel was hosted by newly formed ThinkTC. A group dedicated, according to their about page, to, “taking Traverse City to the next level.” To learn more about what that means, who’s involved, and where they are headed, sign-up for their email list at www.thinktc.launchrock.com


Political extra…

How do you get to the polls? Yea, I walk or bike too. Let’s make it safe, comfortable, and convenient.

In New York City, the idea of livable streets recently gained some political traction in the City’s upcoming election with a new PAC: StreetsPAC. The PAC will be vocal in educating candidates, the media, and voters about livable streets. Their candidate questionnaire is a model worth perusing and I have included it below.

According to StreetsBLOG, this isn’t the only PAC dedicated to making city streets more livable, safe, and beneficial:

In Portland, Oregon, Bike Walk Vote PAC — which launched in 2004 – has produced results in state and local politics, with its 2012 endorsements faring well in last year’s election. In Chicago, Walk Bike Transit PAC donated to city council candidates in 2011 and led door-knocking campaigns to get out the vote for its favored candidates. In Seattle, the Cascade Bicycle Club launched BikePAC, which in 2010 made contributions to 50 candidates. On the national level, BikesPAC is affiliated with the national bicycle industry advocacy group Bikes Belong.”

Interesting developments…As the election season picks-up, consider asking candidates in your community questions like these…I’d answer them.


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