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Eat your gas…



…and walk

Here’s how it works: Eat food. Allow your digestive system convert it into glycogen, which provides energy to your muscles that can be used to power physical motion. Then walk.”

That’s how Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan sets up the 2-mile “walking, biking, hopscotching” challenge over on Grist. Basically the challenge was to cover the 40 percent of all automobile trips that occur in a two-mile radius under a human-powered mode.

As motorized traffic is on the mind of so many in Traverse City this week, perhaps a 2-mile challenge is in order locally?

Where can you walk or bike in a 2 mile radius

The 2-mile walking radius for 400 Boardman Avenue


EDITOR’S NOTE: With the midweek holiday, Cherry Festival, and prep-work for a new endeavor ahead of me, MyWHaT will be taking the week off. Enjoy the rest of your week–have a great walk!  See ya on Twitter and FB.



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