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Touring cyclist dedicates ride through TC to Kelly Ann Boyce



EDITOR’S NOTE: The following was sent for publication by Amy Daniels Moehle (www.booksforwallsproject.org) who is hosting Brian Perich on the current leg of his cross-country tour. They’ve been torn up, like all of us, concerning the death of Kelly Ann Boyce. Below is a description of Brian’s journey and an invite for people to ride with Brian, in dedication to Kelly, as he makes his way through Traverse City on Wednesday, July 10.

It’s short notice, but a lovely gesture. He’ll be leaving Benzie County at approximately  8:30 am, traveling thru Interlochen (checking in/updating at Interlochen Public Library) onto Traverse City via US- 31 and onto US 37 into Traverse City around 10:30 — he’ll check-in online and update again once there. He is hoping to spend a couple of hours in Traverse City talking within the community. Follow him on Facebook for times and location updates.  

Announcement: In dedication

ToTheRockTour 2013, is a bicycle tour cross-county proving that you can travel across international borders on a bicycle and connect with those communities. Route Grand Rapids, to Upper Peninsula, across the Northern tier of the US, to North Dakota –where he turns north across the Canadian border into Saskatchewan where he’ll follow the Trans-Canada highway into Medicine Hat, Alberta, then onto Calgary, final destination Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains.

This is Brian Perich’s third tour, his first in 2011 took him to Western China  the Taklamakan Desert, Southern Silk Road, and into the Aksai Chin Mountios which borders Afghanistan  and was turned back by military checkpoint and arrived in ancient city of Kashgar, East Turkestan In the heartland of the  Uighur culture. Brian continued the tour through Sichuan and Yunnan across the bone of the Himalayas –meeting many cultural groups within China.

With an interest in meeting nomadic culture he went to Outer Mongolia and spent the summer of 2012 crossing deserts and the Steppe. The grueling journey across 1553 miles and 130,234 vertical feet of altitude with connecting with Nomadic culture, provided insight into the beauty and generosity and open spirit of the people. It took Brian nearly one year to recover from the last expedition.

For 2013, on the first leg of his ToTheRockTour, Brian arrived in Northern Michigan to find the community mourning the death of a local cyclist whose life was taken in a tragic and horrific hit and run collision in Traverse City.

“Cycling has always been an integral part of my life and to see this young women from Benzie County  leave behind her family and loved ones because of the negligence of a driver is absolutely tragic,” explained Brian. “Kelly Ann Boyce was doing  something she loved, something that sustained her life and connected to her community while riding that bike.”

Brian will be riding through Traverse City on the morning of Wednesday, July 10th and will dedicate this leg of his journey to Kelly Ann Boyce  -if you see Brian, feel free to join him. Also, you can contact him or follow his adventures through his blog at Korean-world.blogspot.com or tesol2000@gmail.com or find him on Facebook or via a Google Search.

Brian Perich, adventure cyclist, father, teacher on a tour in North America re-connecting with friends family and the community. A Canadian-American dual citizen, returning home from 7 years in Asia –home base Gangneung, Korea where he lives with his wife of 10 years and their children Matthew and Sierra.



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  1. Judy
    July 9, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    A ghost bike on Washington Street would be a nice way to honor Kelly Ann Boyce. http://ghostbikes.org/ I saw way too many of them in the Detroit Metro area when I lived there and they were always a sobering reminder for drivers and cyclists.

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