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A blog at rest tends to stay at rest


A blog in motion tends to stay in motion and once the writing stops it tends to stay at rest. MyWHaT is no different.

mywhat_logo-shinyfDespite my best intentions on maintaining two blogs, after being elected as a Traverse City City Commissioner 15 weeks ago, I’ve yet to find my voice. It’s not that the commission is all-time-consuming, but I’ve purposely given myself extra time to learn, research, and find a rhythm.

MyWHaT had a great run of four years with over 200,000 views, around 1,258 posts, and countless connections made. Although I won’t be writing on, it will remain up as a resource.In the future, who knows. For now, it will sit idle.

I’ve included below links to the top 25 posts of all-time. I will continue to share tidbits on livable streets and public spaces on the MyWHaT Tumblr, my Twitter account, and the MyWHaT Facebook page. In the future, once I’m on solid footing as a commissioner, I plan on blogging on Traverse City specific issues at aStrongTraverseCity.com.

Thank you for reading, your encouragement, and your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  1. The Streets Are Still The Same
  2. The Green City By The Bay
  3. Natural Playscapes and Free-range Kids; Set Them Free
  4. My Car Sucks $7,000 A Year Out Of The Local Economy…Sorry
  5. Complete Streets: Unfunded Mandate or Sound Economic Principle?
  6. Making the Leap-Going Carless: breaking down the numbers
  7. Declaration of Intent
  8. Just say’in, sometimes angry motorists deserve a little visit from our friends in blue
  9. Parking as an ‘economic development & urban design tool’ in small town USA
  10. Everyone has a corpus callosum in need of exercise
  11. Creating Playgrounds That Are Different
  12. Dude, Where’s My Sharrow?
  13. Got Parking? Hell Yeah
  14. The Other Side of the School Car-line
  15. Compost service by bicycle: 8-yr old brings it full circle
  16. Are public toilets a walkability issue?
  17. No Pooping In Water, Killer Skatepark, More People On Bikes, Dirt Roads And More
  18. One-way & Two-way Streets Reflect a Community’s Priorities
  19. BLA: Let’s Call A Spade A Spade
  20. “Traffic is a social problem” and what’s needed is “an outbreak of civility”
  21. The Pros/Cons Of The Boardman Lake Avenue Road Project
  22. Pedestrian signals: Faster than never
  23. Have you heard of “Good Roads” Earle?
  24. Roundabouts Don’t Cause Chaos, People Do
  25. Traffic calming penguins dispatched over weekend


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