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My Wheels Are Turning promotes intentional design for humans in our public spaces.  We do this by providing an interactive forum for informative commentary on national and hyper-local trends and issues. Some of what we cover is cultural, some of it academic and some of it is the latest news. We provide a perspective attentive to the issues and values typically not represented in traditional media outlets.

We do take positions and we do petition our local decision makers, but we use considerable caution in presenting issues with the information publicly provided or shared with MyWHaT. There is a plethora of information available and often it simple needs to be aggregated into more accessible, contextualized forms in order for the community to become engaged. That is one of the primary roles of MyWHaT.

To varying degrees, the MyWHaT project will continue irregardless of income. However, underwriters help this project flourish. Please download an Underwriter Form (PDF) or donate via paypal.

Become an Underwriter:

  • Create healthier, cleaner, more vibrant communities
  • Be part of a solution for excellent design of public space
  • Increase transportation choices
  • Vitalize the local economy

$1000…$500…$250 or an amount that is right for you:

  • For $1000/year your logo is placed on the underwriter page, sidebar and at the bottom of at least one post a week.
  • For $500/year, your logo will be placed on the underwriter page and sidebar.
  • $250/year: Logo placement on the underwriter page.
  • Less than $250? A text link on the underwriter’s page if you choose.

Opportunities for short-term event advertisements.
100% Baybucks accepted and in-kind donations considered

We like to name drop a lot too!

The MyWHaT Community:

  • MyWHaT publishes content 7-10 times per week.
  • Weekly visits have climbed to over 1000 hits a week (200+/day)
  • Our goal is to double that in 2011.
  • Over 1000 reader comments have been left.

Posts attract not only local interest from northern Michigan, but from readers interested in public space movements from all over the world and MyWHaT actively seeks connections with these readers and organizations. This is an opportunity for leaders in the community to be one of the initial sponsors of My Wheels are Turning. Sponsors to the site will help to ensure that it flourishes and remains relevant.

Underwriting of any amount will be appreciated. Please send a message if interested in receiving more information.


Not ready to sponsor?
Consider a donation.

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