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Mythbusters tackle the efficiency of roundabouts

August 22, 2013 1 comment

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Remember when the modern roundabout was raised as an option for Traverse City? To help increase the awareness of them MyWHaT created this Modern Roundabout information page.

GT County Road Commission to consider more transportation choices

August 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Last week, the 500th Complete Street policy in the nation was adopted in the Memphis, Tennessee. Thursday night (8/22 at 7pm), the Grand Traverse County Road Commission will consider adding to that total.

Julie Clark, of TART Trails, will present a draft resolution that came out of the Grand Vision Complete Streets Coalition this Thursday night. Similar policies have been adopted in the area by Garfield, Acme, Kingsley and TC-TALUS. Traverse City also has a Complete Streets resolution.


The County Road Commission building isn’t the easiest to get to, but if you find your way to the south end of LaFrainer Rd. (Down Barlow, across South Airport, up a big hill, and all the way to the end) at 7-pm on Thursday night it’d be great to show support for safer streets and roads that offer more choices to more people.

Announcement: MyWHaT Bike Rack finds new home

August 20, 2013 1 comment


It’s a planter. It’s a bike rack. As passersby are fond of saying, “that’s a cute idea.”


The MyWHaT Planter Bike Rack is now on loan in front of Morsels on E. Front St.

If strategically placed, 3-4 bikes at a time can be locked to the steel bars rising above the planter. Morsels has had limited secure bike parking here and with the café seating area not fully utilized for tables, it seemed like as good as place as any for the planter rack that was formerly hosted by SEEDS on 8th St.

We just ask that on the south side, keep your bike snug against the rack and away from the sidewalk.

Happy bike parking.

* Interested in a planter bike rack of your own? Send us message.

Start where you can: TC’s first sharrow

August 16, 2013 1 comment


Quietly this summer, Civic Center Dr. has become an intentional street designed to encourage safe and convenient bicycle traffic. It started with the paving of a short trail connector and recently wrapped up with an additional 100 feet of bike lane, an “except bicycles” sign to allow appropriate counterflow for travel, and the addition of Traverse City’s first sharrow.

IMG_0878A sharrow is a shared lane marking used to help position cyclists, announce that bikes belong to all traffic, and generally guide people on bikes along a route. They aren’t a panacea, but used smartly and in the right context, they are effective.

Kudos goes out to the County, City, County Parks and Recreation and TART Trails for coming together to make this happen. 

“You live with the choices you make”

August 14, 2013 1 comment


If you’re really game, sync your phone to the driving simulator.


Traffic calming: A means to livable streets

August 12, 2013 3 comments


The missing ingredient in Traverse City is the political will, creativity, and recognition that speed on neighborhood streets is simply uncivilized–yes, I’m referring to the man who drive 50-mph down my street on Sunday. 

Person on foot killed in sickening hit-and-run

August 9, 2013 Leave a comment

There are a number of reasons that maybe have initially caused them to think they needed to leave the scene, but how an individual cannot come to the police or come to a friend after such a time frame and report the incident still amazes me.”

~ Capt. Brian Heffner.


My heart goes out to the friends, family, and associates of Richard McClellan Jr….To the driver, find your conscience.

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